Where Do Pineapples Grow?

Originally a crop traded only by the Indigenous people of Central and South America, pineapples are now grow commercially on four continents and are the most popular tropical fruit. A tricky crop to plant, pineapple plants produce fruit once every 15-22 months. Even commercially, pineapples take patience. They also have to grow in very specific …

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Do Pineapples Have Seeds?

Pineapple plants can produce seeds, however, most store-bought pineapples are usually mostly seedless, sometime with scattered traces of seeds that aren’t fully developed. Pineapple plants are rarely grown from seed. In the home garden and commercial grows pineapples are almost always grown from vegetative material, cuttings from another plant. Pineapple plants grow slips, suckers, and …

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How Do Brussel Sprouts Grow?

Due to their nutritional value, brussel sprouts are popular in both commercial and home gardens. Packed with fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other minerals and antioxidants, these tiny cabbages have become popular at restaurants and a garden must have. The crop is considered part of the Brassicas family and is biennial meaning it must …

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