How Far Apart To Plant Zucchini

In general plant zucchini plants 24″ apart in rows that are 4′ apart. Zucchini plants all have bushy growth habits but some varieties may be considered semi-vining. Look for varieties that are more compact if you are tight on space or growing in containers. Alternatively grow zucchini on a trellis to save space.

SourceHow Far Apart To Plant Zucchini In-RowHow Far Apart To Plant Zucchini Rows
Johnny's Seeds18-24" 6' apart
Urban Farmer Seeds36"4' apart
Clemson University Extension15"4-6' apart
Utah State University24-30"?
University of Maryland Extension24-36" 3-5' apart
University of Arizona Cooperative Extension18-36"?
University of Illinois Extension24-36"?

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Zucchini Plant Density vs. Yields

In general, plant density vs yield studies show that a higher plant density equals a better yield by overall weight. As plants are planted tighter individual plants will produce smaller and less fruit per plant but overall yield for the growing area will increase.

Study #1

In this study zucchini plants were grown at six different plant densities at two different locations. The results from both sites show that yields increase at higher densities and it’s easiest to see in Table 1 & 2.

Zucchini Plant Density per Hectare - Grow Site OneTotal Number of Zucchini's per Hectare - Grow Site OneZucchini Plant Density per Hectare - Grow Site TwoTotal Number of Zucchinis per Hectare - Grow Site Two

10,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 10.76 square feet

20,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 5.38 square feet

30,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 3.59 square feet

40,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 2.69 square feet

50,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 2.15 square feet

60,000 plants per hectare = 1 zucchini plant per 1.79 square feet

Study #2

In this study zucchini were grown with 4 different in-row spacings 12, 18, 24, and 30 inches. It shows in table 2 that the number of zucchini fruit produced per hectare increased as plant density also increased.

How Many Zucchini Plants Per Square Foot?

Give zucchini plants 2-4 square feet of space per plant. Intensive gardeners that follow square foot gardening practice routinely give zucchini plants two squares of space. If you use a trellis and grow zucchini varieties that are known not to creep you may be able to cut down to 1 square foot per zucchini plant!

How Far Apart To Plant Zucchini in Raised Beds

Plant zucchini plants 18-36″ apart in all directions in raised beds. This means you’ll plant 8-16 zucchini plants per 4’x8′ raised bed. Plant tighter based on the variety of zucchini you’re growing, previous results, and personal preference.

The spacing above is for transplants and how you want your final stand of zucchini plants to be spaced. If you’re planting the bed from seed plant twice as many and then thin out plants once they reach 8″ high or so.

If you have trouble with disease one year or live in a humid area choose to space plants a little further apart and get familiar with neem oil! It’s great as an insecticide and works well against disease like powdery mildew.

What Happens If You Plant Zucchini Too Close Together?

Planting zucchini too close together is not a major concern except that it is a waste of resources: seeds, nutrients, and water. Planted too close together and left alone zucchini plants will grow where they can with some dying off and others growing and producing zucchinis.

Some plants may grow to a good size but not produce many or any zucchinis because they simply don’t have access to enough inputs in the form of sunlight, water, and nutrients to produce fruit.

So, overall it’s not a big concern that you will plant zucchinis too close together but it is not efficient to do so and you’ll end up with a better harvest with good spacing between zucchini plants that produces healthy plants.

How Many Zucchini Plants To Plant in One Container

Typically gardeners plant one zucchini plant per container because they are pretty large plants. If you have a bigger container you can plant multiple zucchini plants per container but give each plant at least 5 gallons of dirt apiece.

If you’re spacing zucchini plants in large containers you can use shapes like a triangle or diamond to keep spacing between them.

Spacing Zucchini Plants on a Trellis

Growing zucchini plants on a trellis allows you to save space, increases sunshine and air circulation on the plants foliage, and makes for easier harvesting.

When growing zucchini on a trellis a tight plant spacing should be used to maximize the space and effort. Aim for a zucchini plant planted every 18″ along the base of the trellis.

Zucchini plants do have tendrils but garden ties should be used because the tendrils are not strong enough to securely hold the plant to the trellis the way legumes do.

Please comment below with your own thoughts about spacing zucchini plants or anything else related!

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