How Long Does It Take To Grow Sunflowers?

It takes 55-120 days to grow sunflowers. Sunflower seeds take around 5-10 days to sprout so they can reach maturity in 50-110 days depending on variety. The weather conditions of the season, mainly temperature, also affect how fast sunflowers will reach maturity.

Sunflower growth is driven largely by temperature. Temperature may vary the time taken to reach physiological maturity by as much as 25–30 days.

GRDC Sunflower Grow Notes – Temperature Section Page 15

If you scroll to page 22 of the linked pdf in the quote above you can see a timeline of a sunflower plants life.

Sunflowers grown for cut flowers, including most dwarf sunflowers and quite a few tall sunflowers, are typically the fastest to reach maturity while those grown for edible seeds, mostly giant sunflowers and some tall sunflowers, for the most part take over 90 days to finish.

This comparison chart by JohnnySeeds shows a comparison table that says how long their different tall sunflower varieties take to grow.

How Long Until Sunflowers Blossom?

In this grow trial conducted by the University of Florida Department of Horticulture 40 different sunflowers were grown. The average time it took for the 40 different varieties of sunflowers being grown to bloom was 65.4 days.

The purpose of the sunflowers grown was for cut flowers. Sunflowers grown for edible seeds or oil will flower later but not much, around the 70 day mark. They will take another 30-40 days though until they reach full maturity and have seeds ready for harvest.

Sunflowers just about to bloom!

You can let sunflowers dry on the stalk if you grew them for edible seed and harvest them once the back of the flowers turn brown.

How Long Do Sunflowers Take To Sprout?

Sunflower seeds take between 4-21 days to sprout. Sunflower seeds will germinate optimally with soil temperatures at 85 degrees but will germinate with soil temperatures of 60 degrees or above.

To make sunflower seeds germinate faster use a heating mat. The point of heating mats is to increase soil temperature and make seeds germinate faster.

Remember to take the tray off of the mat once 40% or so of seeds have germinated because although most seeds germinate better in warmer temperatures plant seedlings grow better with temperatures between 55-75 degrees.

Soaking sunflower seeds may also speed up germination and some say increase germination rates. In my experience soaking seeds can decrease germination rate so I stay away from it.

If you do want to soak seeds, soak them overnight or not for more than 24 hours. The point of soaking the seeds is to give the seed the water it needs to activate germination and soften up the shell so the sprout can get out easier.

Besides soil temperature, moisture is the most critical factor for good germination. I make sure to water planted seeds after planting and regularly water the dirt around them until they sprout, and after of course!

How Long Does It Take To Grow Sunflowers From Seed?

To know how long it takes to grow sunflowers from seed add how long it takes for them to sprout, usually around 7 days, to how long the seed distributor says the variety you’re growing takes to reach maturity, usually somewhere between 50-100 days.

How Fast Do Sunflowers Grow?

From day 40-80 after sprouting, sunflowers will grow at their fastest rate. This is the point where the sunflower head is first visible at the top of the plant, around 16 leaves on the sunflower, until the sunflower head reaches its full size.

You can expect sunflowers to triple in size during this period and grow up to 8″ per week!

As long as moisture is available warmer temperatures up to the low 90’s will result in faster growth of the sunflower plants.

Sunflower plants roots are equally impressive and will drill down 4 feet deep pretty regularly.

Are Sunflowers Easy To Grow?

Sunflowers are very easy to grow. A sunflower plant that is planted in a garden with good soil basically just needs to be watered and it will grow into a beautiful blossoming flower.

Check out this article for the right watering schedule, “Watering Sunflowers (How Often & Tips)“.

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