How Many Zucchini Fruits Grow Per Plant

Zucchini plants grow between 10-25 zucchinis on a single plant. By weight they will produce 5-10 lbs. of zucchini over the course of 3-4 weeks.

Growing A Bountiful Zucchini Crop is a great read produced by the staff at Purdue University. Within the article it outlines how much zucchini is grown per lb. at different times of harvest from day 21 to day 49.

In Table 2 of this study, also done by the Agriculture Department at Purdue, we can see that the different varieties of zucchini that were grown grew from 12 to 24 zucchinis per plant.

How Many Zucchini Plants To Grow Per Person

Grow one or two zucchini plants for every person in the house. Zucchinis produce abundantly and this should give you all the zucchinis you need and then some.

Freezing and canning of zucchini can help you deal with extra. Zucchini casseroles can use up larger sized zucchinis and taste great.

A typical 4’x8′ bed will hold 8-16 zucchini plants depending on spacing. 8 plants if they are spaced 36″ apart from each other 6 plants if they are spaced 18″ apart from each other.

How Long Will Zucchini Plants Produce For?

Zucchini plants produce for 3-4 weeks. They take around 30 days after sprouting before they start to produce and then they will grow zucchinis for about another 30 days.

You might consider planting successive plantings throughout the season and not plant a vast area all at once. The plant is most productive for a two to three-week period and should be subsequently terminated after four weeks. For continuous supply, another planting should be harvested from week three.

Growing A Bountiful Zucchini Crop – Purdue University

How Spacing Affects the Number of Zucchini Per Plant

Zucchini plants spaced further apart will produce more zucchini per plant and bigger zucchini, although bigger zucchini most of the time isn’t what we want.

Zucchini plants spaced tighter will produce less zucchini per plant but by weight overall you’ll get more zucchini with more plants spaced tighter.

Check out “How Far Apart To Plant Zucchini” for more on spacing zucchini plants.

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