How To Plant Jalapeno Seeds

To plant jalapeno seeds in the garden make a line with a stick or tool where you want your row of plants to be. Make the line 1/2″-1″ deep. Next place the seeds every 9″ along the line. After the jalapeno plants sprout you can thin them down to every 18″. Cover the seeds with soil and gently water them in.

How To Start Jalapeno Seeds Indoors

You can start jalapeno seeds in a flat and as they sprout move them into small starter pots or start them in individual starter pots.

After seeds sprout place starter trays or pots in a sunny south facing window. If your seedlings become leggy and start to fall over on themselves they probably are not getting enough light and need to be supplemented with a small grow light.

Remember that seeds like a warmer temperatures to germinate but after they sprout they are seedlings and seedlings like cooler temperatures in the range of 55-75 degrees.

How Deep To Plant Pepper Seeds & Transplants

The gardening rule of thumb is to plant seeds 2-3x as deep as their width. Pepper seeds should be planted 1/4″-1/2″ deep. Pepper transplants should be planted so that they have 1/2″ of soil on top of the root ball.

Should You Soak Jalapeno Seeds Before Planting?

The purpose of soaking jalapeno seeds is to increase germination rates and speed up the germination process. It is not necessary to soak jalapeno seeds. The main factor that affects germination speed is soil temperature.

If you want to soak seeds you can soak them for a few hours or overnight but do not soak them for more than 24 hours. I personally don’t soak seeds before planting.

This study showed that after soaking pepper seeds germination percentage stayed the same but that sprout development was bigger at the 7 and 14 day mark.

If you’re worried about the seeds you have germinating or not I would check them with the paper towel method. This is a popular method you can find in-depth videos or articles on.

Remember that you can still plant the seeds after they germinate in the paper towels by tearing the paper towel and planting the attached seed with the paper towel piece.

A jalapeno seed will germinate with soil temperatures above 60 degrees but the optimum soil temperature for jalapeno seeds to germinate is around 85 degrees.

A jalapeno seed can germinate in as few as 3 days or as slow as 2 weeks depending on the soil temperature. The point of heating mats is to increase the soil temperature in starter trays.

To check temperatures of your garden soil use a soil thermometer. Along with knowing the last frost date it’s a great way to know when you can direct plant seeds of different plants into the garden.

Should You Water Jalapeno Seeds After Planting?

Yes you should water jalapeno seeds after planting them and again if soil dries out before the seeds sprout.

Watering directly after planting has two purposes. It holds the seeds in place where you’ve planted them maintaining correct spacing and provides the moisture necessary for the seeds to germinate.

Moisture is necessary for seeds to germinate. It activates catalysts within the seed that start the germination process and mix with starches and proteins present within the seed to form a soluble the small plant embryo can use as nutrition.

What’s the Right Size Container for a Jalapeno Plant?

A jalapeno plant should be planted in a container with 5 gallons of dirt if grown as an annual. If you plan on overwintering the plant and growing it for a second season you might want to use a larger container. You can always increase the container size as the plant grows.

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Can You Grow Jalapenos From Store Bought Peppers?

You can grow peppers from the seeds of store bought peppers but I don’t recommend it. The plant might not produce peppers or if it does the peppers it produces likely won’t be the same as the peppers you got the seeds from.

No Peppers At All – Sometimes commercial seed growers use breeding techniques that can lead to pollination problems in the genes of the seeds inside commercially grown peppers. If a flower does not get pollinated no fruit will grow.

One such tactic is using a variety with male sterile genes. When growing a field with two different varieties if one variety is male sterile then all of the pollen will come from the second variety.

The variety with the male sterile genes will be pollinated by the second variety and that plant of the first variety will have the mix of genes the farmer wants.

Seeds From Hybrid Peppers – Most commercially grown peppers come from hybrid seeds that were grown specifically for farmer grow operations. The hybrid plants have disease resistance, high yield properties, and other desirable characteristics.

Pepper plants grown from seeds of a hybrid pepper will produce peppers that are not the same as the peppers they come from but are more alike to one of the two parent pepper plants that were used to create the hybrid seeds.

Make Sure the Pepper Is Ripe – Not all seeds in store-bought peppers will be viable for planting. Light green jalapeños are immature and their seeds are not good for planting. Dark green jalapenos have fully matured seeds that are viable.

There may still be some bad seeds in the bunch that you can separate by placing the seeds in a cup of water. Bad seeds will float on top and good sees will sink to the bottom.

Dry and Store the Seeds – After you harvest the seeds just spread the seeds out on a paper towel or newspaper to dry for a few days. Those dried seeds are just as ready for planting as ones you buy at a store, and they can last up to two years if stored in a cool, dry place.

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