A green bean arbor growing from the bottom of the shallow end of the pool up a makeshift trellis vertically and then horizontally along twine to the roof of the porch, about 20′ in total.

The Pool Gardener is run by Paul and his son Michael DeRose. Paul has been gardening for over thirty years and has an encyclopedic like knowledge of plants.

He moved from the country into a small city in Southwest Michigan around fifteen years ago and rather than restore the old pool that was on the property he decided to turn it into a garden.

On his double lot in town he has three gardening areas including the pool, a cherry tree, peach tree, and 5-in-1 apple tree.

You can write any comments, questions, or concerns directly on the gardening article discussion or video you’re interested in or reach us at thepoolgardener@gmail.com.

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